Working Paper number 5 now available – by Dr Margaret Pelling

We are pleased to announce the fifth in our series of Working Papers:
`The Life and Times of Dr Richard Frewin (1681-1761): Medicine in Oxford
in the Eighteenth Century’, by the late A. H. T. Robb-Smith. This was
originally the fifteenth Gideon de Laune lecture, given to the
Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London in 1972. It has been edited
for publication, with a bibliography, by Margaret Pelling. Frewin was a
successful rather than a remarkable physician, and the value of
Robb-Smith’s work lies in its being about a provincial practitioner’s
career and interconnections with the university milieu around him. Much
is revealed about how the eighteenth-century university operated, its
personal politics and scandals, the failings of its medical faculty, and
how physicians of that date educated themselves and then tried to get on
in the world.

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Alun Withey.