The Medical World of Early Modern Ireland – Conference 3-4th September 2015

Conference: The Medical World of Early Modern Ireland, 1500-1750

This conference is taking place at Trinity College Dublin on 3-4 September as part of the Early Modern Practitioners Project. It will feature papers on a broad range of topics, including natural history, midwifery, witchcraft and Gaelic medicine. The research team from Early Modern Practitioners will also be presenting an overview of key aspects of their work.

Professor Marian Lyons of Maynooth University will deliver a keynote address on ‘The Professionalization of Medical Practice in Seventeenth-Century Ireland’.

To view the full programme and to register for this conference, please visit:

If you have any queries about the event, please contact Dr John Cunningham at

Working Paper Number 3 now uploaded.

We are delighted to have a brand new working paper – Professor Christopher Whitty’s hand list of medical texts published in Britain, in English, between 1475 and 1640. The list, together with an introductory essay by Dr Margaret Pelling, will be of interest not only to scholars of the history of medicine, but also anyone interested in vernacular publishing and the place of medical texts within the broader catalogue of published books.

To see the hand list and other materials click on the ‘Working Papers’ tab.

Working paper number 2 now uploaded

Professor Jonathan Barry’s essay ‘John Houghton and Medical Practice in William Rose’s London’, about the early modern apothecary, journalist and Fellow of the Royal Society John Houghton, has now been uploaded to our ‘Working Papers’ series.

For a link to the full paper, plus an introduction by Professor Barry, click the ‘Working Papers’ tab.


A New Addition to the Site: Working Papers

As part of the project’s commitment to disseminate the findings of our research, we have set up a new section of the website where we will post working papers, drawing out key themes or promoting new research findings.

The first of these papers, a study of barber-surgeons’ ordinances by Dr Margaret Pelling has now been uploaded and can be accessed through the link under the ‘working papers’ tag.